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About me

My name is Alek. I’m 30 years old. Seven years ago I woke up from a 14 month coma. It is then when my second life has started. Before I fell into coma I was operated on five times for brain cancer. My doctors didn’t give me any chances of survival and so my history could have ended then.

Today, after many months of intensive therapy I am an independent wheelchair user. I am quadriplegic, suffer from impaired sight, hearing, taste and smell which limits my independent functioning. Despite all this I have sat and passed my A-levels exams this year. I am now concentrating on getting better which costs a lot of money neither my family nor I have.


Everything that I have achieved so far, in terms of becoming more independent and mobile, is thanks to a very expensive rehabilitation. The Polish National System offers very basic support which is not enough if I want to see good results. Without the rehabilitation there is no way of getting better and I do not want to waste what I have achieved.

Therefore, I am asking for you for help and donate. All money will go towards my further rehabilitation and orthopaedic equipment. You can do that by donating to the Avalon Fundation for “Susel 1685”. Your contributions will help me get back to health that I want so much

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          Thank you so much for all your help !

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My illness

Spastic paresis (upper motor neuron lesion) – damage to the motor centers located in the frontal lobes of the central nervous system. This is not damage to a single neuron but a group of neurons that perform the same function and it is expressed by the presence of common symptoms, independent of the level of the damage. Other name used interchangeably for the upper motor neuron lesion is pyramidal insufficiency. Symptoms and course of the disease The common symptoms include: muscle weakness, paresis or paralysis, occurrence of pathological reflexes (Babinski response, Rossolimo’s sign), increase of spastic (pyramid) muscle tension, lack or weakening of skin reflexes (abdominal, plantar), hyperactive deep reflexes, clonus, hyperactive stretch reflexes – patellar reflex type.

Source: Wikipedia